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Setting Up Shop


Whether in the home or elsewhere, setting up a dedicated work space can be tricky (and expensive). Here are the elements we believe are vital for creating a happy design environment:

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Knowledge is Power

Women's Wear Daily               

As everyone knows, things move fast in the world of fashion.
For new designers and aspiring store owners looking to join
the race, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are several
great industry-specific resources out there that provide all
sorts of amazingly helpful info. 



What’s in a Name?

A lot actually -– which is why it seems an appropriate topic for the inaugural BRANDED Design Lab entry.

Selecting an all-defining title for our clothing line was no easy feat. The process was similar to what I can only imagine picking a name for an unborn infant is like. Once it’s on the birth certificate (or Articles of Incorporation in our case) there’s really no turning back. 

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